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Dear Parents and Guardians,

October is upon us and that slight chill of autumn is in the air. October brings with it our half way point in the semester and even though credits do not count until the end of the semester for High School students and at the end of the year for Junior High students, it is a good time to monitor the progress of our students at the end of the quarter. Our staff does a tremendous job in helping your students grow both academically and responsibly. However, we know we could not do as well of a job without your support and help from home. So thank you for all you do for us. As always our expectations are high for your students that we have been entrusted. You can help us to raise your student’s expectations as well by being supportive and encouraging, especially to always be in attendance at school. This includes taking advantage of the opportunity for remediation during our Academic Enhancement time from #:05 to 4:00 after school to get the help they need to be successful. Beginning October 7th, students will be taking their first benchmark tests of the year. Your efforts in the home to help your students do not go unappreciated.

Many of your students have been staying after school and participating in Academic Enhancement. Remember that Academic Enhancement is not based on grades alone. Students with good grades may be asked to stay as well if they need help with specific standards that will help them be more successful when taking the end of the year exams. We also want every student that is on the ineligibility list to attend along with students that have missed school or fallen behind in their work. It is a great opportunity and resource that is available because of our new schedule this year. Please help your students take advantage of the opportunity. Students that take advantage of this opportunity will achieve academically and it will show on their end of the year exams. Students that fail to attend run the risk of being retained if they do not meet the expectations of progress and promotion.

Our next Open House will be November 20th. The time for the Open House will be from 4:30 until 6:30. Please note that on your November calendars and come and discuss your student’s progress with our teachers. There will be a meeting for winter sports (basketball) from 6:30-7:00. We will be serving a hot meal as well during open house. So come and enjoy good times and a meal.

​McKay DeSpain
​Principal Ft. Thomas Junior/Senior High School

“Success for All, Whatever it Takes”




















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