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Brian Leitner

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My  bio:
 I teach Jr. High Social Studies. I have been teaching 11 years now in both charter schools, and public schools. I love teaching History and I hope to instill that passion in my students.

My classroom Philosophy:  Social studies is not just about text books. We need to learn how to participate in society. I expect my students to participate. Test are apart of the class, but participating in discussions, and learning how to be good citizens is just as important. 

Class information: 1st hour is 8th grade social studies.
                                  2nd hours is AIMS prep math.
                                  3rd hour is 7th grade social studies.
                                  4th hour is 7th grade social studies.
                                  5th hour is 8th grade social studies.
                                  6th hour is my prep time and is the best time to reach me. Please feel free to contact me at 928-485-2427 ext 4213
                                  7th hour is credit recovery.

My grade policy: Participation is part of the grade. Students will need to be prepared to discuss major events in history and in current events. Tests are about 25% of the grade. Home work can be anything from worksheets to projects. Note taking is an important part of class. Students must have a 60% or higher to pass the class.