Classroom Philosophy
Opportunity and Responsibility

I believe that schools should be places where students are given opportunities to learn, to practice, and to prepare for their future careers and for college. Because of this, I try to give students quality opportunities to read and write. I see it as my responsibility as a teacher to guide students through these opportunities, but I also feel that it is important for them to take responsibility for their school work. Everything that we do in my classroom hinges on these important concepts of opportunity and responsibility.


When a student fails to meet his or her responsibilities, it will be reflected in his or her grades. If he or she chooses to take advantage of his or her opportunities, it will likewise be reflected in his or her grades. Depending on the class, students will often receive a grade for participation. I do this to give them credit for the hard work they do to improve their knowledge and skills for reading and writing English. I will also give students grades based on how well they demonstrate their knowledge and skills on assignments. This may mean that a student completes his or her work, but he or she will not receive full credit for it, because he or she has not demonstrated mastery of the knowledge or skills being assessed. But, because I believe in opportunities, I will often allow students to resubmit their work or turn in their work late.

Extra Credit

Because I feel it is important for students to take responsibility for their work, I don't offer very many opportunities for extra credit. Instead, I offer students the opportunity to correct the assignments that may be brining their grades down. In all cases, students are responsible for their work.