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Welcome to Class!!!




I am the CTE Business Teacher and CTE Director

here at 
Fort Thomas High School.The classes offered

in the 
Career and Technical Education Business Area


in Action 1 & 2



 Along with these amazing courses comes the

student organization 
 FBLA. I am the

for the district. FBLis a place for students to

go and learn about life, friends, leadership and

teamwork. I highly 
recommend having your students

  In everyone of these different groups the

students here at Fort 
Thomas are learning many of

the vital 
skills needed tonot just survive

graduation, but THRIVE

Thank you for visiting and with your

help lets make this year GREAT!!!

GENE W. MAttice




What is expected of OUR Students?

At the beginning of the year and throughout each student has been expected to review and sign a course syllabus. Each student was given a syllabus and I personally reviewed its content with them before they were asked to sign showing they understood what was expected of them throughout this year and that they agreed to follow the standards set before them. Each student was then also required to take the packet home and have a legal guardian sign it as well. I want to make sure we are all on the same page from the very beginning.

       I will be frank, I expect the very best OUR students have to offer. I have really high expectations for them all because I KNOW they can achieve whatever they choose to put their minds to.  If we as educators and family members can give these great students the support they need in and out of school they will go as far as their dreams can take them.

Helpful Links 

Students grades/Parent Portal

School Board Meeting Agendas


BLA Arizona

If you do not know about FBLA PLEASE ask questions. Our youth can learn so much about life from this organization that will help them succeed in school, work and family. FBLA is here to help our students grow into the successful individuals we all want them to be.


A Little About Mr.Mattice!!!

CTE Business and Life Skills.  I am a long-term business professional who has been given the opportunity to help educate the youth here at Ft Thomas High. I have 10+ years of business experience in abroad variety of venues. My experiences in the work world have better prepared me to answer the many different questions our youth will have as we guide them through their educational careers. My educational qualifications include a BS in Public Administration from NAU and a MBA from WGU.