Incoming Principal Jayson Stanley & newly crowned  MIFT Veronica Bonilla

Dagotah’ Greetings, my name is Jayson Stanley, and I am the new Principal of Fort Thomas Junior/High School.  I was born and raised in Bylas, as many of you know.  In Apache clanship, I am Jagged Water born for the Standing Mountains.  I am very excited to start my new job and looking forward to working with all the families in our school district.  I have been with Mt. Turnbull Academy for 14 years; I started out as an English Teacher and became Principal.  I have also served as the Junior High Football and Baseball Coach here at Fort Thomas for the last 3 years, so I’ve worked with most of your student athletes already.  My professional goal in education has always been to help our kids be successful and stay true to the District’s mission statement of “Empower Students, Ensure the Future”.

Some staff and teachers from the high school and junior high have retired, so we have new teachers for the upcoming school year.  In the following weeks, we will introduce new staff members on our school Facebook page.  We will do this before school begins on Wednesday August 03, 2022. 

Lastly, I want to thank all the family and friends, Tribal Leaders, colleagues, Teachers, community members, students and their parents for encouraging me to become Principal of Fort Thomas Junior/High School.  I am humbled with all the support and grateful.  We will move forward together and accomplish great things.  Ahe’ye’e!